SteelSeries Prism 63391 RGB Mousepad with Gamesense

  • Seamlessly illuminate your surface with full range RGB illumination across 12 independent zones
  • Qck prism’s dual-surface textured mouse pad lets you choose between a premium Hard polymer surface or a micro-textured cloth surface
  • Game Sense reactive illumination responds to in-game events like Low ammo, health, kills, money, and cool down timers
  • Easily sync dynamic illumination effects between all your SteelSeries prism gear
  • The cable is positioned out of the way on the left side of the mouse pad because aesthetics should never interfere with gameplay

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QcK Prism

  • 360-degree 12 zone Prism RGB Illumination
  • Dual-Textured Surface
  • GameSense Lighting Support
  • PrismSync Support
  • Intuitive Cable Design

Prism Lighting

Seamless full-range RGB illumination across 12 independent zones. Choose from millions of colors and lighting effects.

GameSense Lighting

Immerse yourself with exclusive GameSense event-based lighting. Reactive illumination responds to in-game events like low ammo, health, kills, money, cooldown timers and more.


Sync dynamic multi-color lighting effects between your QcK Prism and all your SteelSeries Prism-enabled gear.

Game-Tested Design

We positioned the cable on the left side, where it won’t catch on your mouse cable. Aesthetics should never interfere with gameplay.

About the QcK Prism

QcK Prism is the world’s first RGB illuminated gaming mousepad that lets gamers choose between two different surface types. Featuring advanced illumination settings for millions of colors and lighting effects, a non-slip rubber base, and an intuitive cable design that doesn’t interfere with gameplay.

Product Specifications

Surface Side #1 Cloth
Surface Side #2 Hard Polymer (Plastic)
Base Material Silicon Rubber
Weight 2 lbs
Width 292.4mm (11.51 in)
Height 8.68mm (0.34 in)
Depth 356.71mm (14.04 in)
Cable Length 1.8
Customization Options NA
Customizable Illumination Zones 12
Gamesense Support NA
Prism Sync Lighting NA
SteelSeries Engine Support NA
Programmable Lighting Effects NA
Color Options 16.8 Million
Box Content NA
Product Information Guide NA
QcK Prism Illumination Pad NA
Dual-Textured Surface NA
Waraanty 1 Year

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