ABSoft Neat Video 5 – noise reduction for digital video (EDIUS) – Pro Edition

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Noise is a serious problem in digital video editing. Many times footage produced by digital video cameras, camcorders, digital TV-tuners, digitizers etc. has a disturbing slight noise. This noise, caused by the sensor of the camera, is even more distracting the more gain or ISO are being dialed in to compensate for poor lighting conditions.

Neat Video is a video filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain in video footage.

Neat Video works with modern algorithms to reduce noise. They were developed especially for digital image and video editing by a professional working group. These algorithms top the quality of all classical and Wavelet based noise reduction methods. Wavelet based methods exist since about 20 years on the market and are still considered as modern. But Neat Video uses an even newer and more efficient approach.

With Neat Video it is therefore possible to distinguish between noise and details in a video. While noise can be reduced, detailed information in your video clip will be conserved. Since Neat Video is easy to handle, beginners as well as experienced users will soon achieve results.

In version 5 Neat Video analyzes several adjacent frames of your video to find the best suited area of a picture to analyze the noise.

There may be certain images where a large enough uniform area suitable for an analysis might not be found. In this case you can manually choose from a variety of preset noise profiles.

The check your settings Neat Video offers a new preview option for playback. Several frames are being looped for a fluent playback making the optimization even easier.

Extended filter presets speed up your workflow even more, for instance to remove banding artefacts, dust and scratches as well as flickering effects.

New in Neat Video 5

Premium Noise Reduction and Sharpening

  • The Best Noise-Reduction Algorithms in the Industry
    Neat Video’s noise reduction algorithms surpass the quality of all classic noise reduction methods and even relatively new wavelet-based techniques. Neat Video’s more advanced and efficient approach allows it to draw a clearer distinction between random noise and details in the video data, enabling it to reduce more noise and better preserve true details.
  • Advanced Temporal Noise Filter
    Neat Video’s advanced temporal noise filter analyzes and compares a range of consecutive frames in order to collect as much information as possible. This allows the filter to more accurately distinguish between noise and detail.
  • Sophisticated Spatial Noise Filter
    The spatial noise filter reduces noise elements even further on a frame-by-frame basis across a range of frequencies and color channels.
  • Dust and Scratches Filter
    Neat Video features a filter that targets specific imperfections such as film scratches, film dust, impulse interference and similar defects. This filter can also treat corrupted scan lines, spots, dots and other video maladies.
  • Flicker Reduction
    Neat Video includes specialized mechanisms to take into account the possible presence of localized or frame-wide flicker. This helps to suppress the visual imperfection itself and also to increase the accuracy of noise reduction.
  • Repeated Frames
    This special filter mode helps to correctly reduce noise in clips containing repeated frames such as those shot in “slow shutter” or “night mode”. It also improves clips that have had their frame rates artificially increased.
  • Jitter of Details
    This filter helps to suppress the visible jitter of fine details that may be present in your video. This artifact resembles hot air between the viewer and objects in the scene. In other words, small details of the objects may appear to be moving or trembling.
  • Artifact Removal Filter
    Digital artifacts such as impulse noise created by video compression are treated by this filter. In addition, it also addresses dots and small lines that may be not have been fully removed by Neat Video’s regular noise filters.
  • Adaptive Filtration
    This feature automatically adjusts the noise filter in situations where noise properties are changing in different parts of the video clip — ensuring more accurate noise-reduction.
  • Smart Sharpening
    The intelligent sharpening filter takes advantage of Neat Video’s noise profiling techniques to sharpen the picture without amplifying noise. Neat Video sharpening has a halo-free mode.
  • Quality vs Speed
    Neat Video offers different quality modes for the Temporal and Spatial which lets you choose between more accurate processing and shorter processing time depending on your requirements.
  • Customizable Noise Filter Settings
    Neat Video’s filter is highly adjustable. While its default settings deliver good results, it also offers near complete control over each noise filtration setting. This allows you to fine-tune the noise reduction parameters to match your exact requirements.
  • Filter Presets for Common Problems
    Neat Video includes a collection of ready to use presets containing filter settings to solve many typical filtration tasks.

Intuitive Noise Profiling

  • Device Noise Profiles
    Neat Video generates and utilizes device-specific noise profiles. These are reusable analyses of the noise characteristics of different devices in various recording modes. Thanks to these noise profiles, Neat Video knows exactly what type of noise it is encountering in a particular clip regardless of the source or mode of capture. Armed with this information the program is able to distinguish noise from details and achieve more accurate noise-reduction results.
  • Auto Profile Feature
    Neat Video’s Auto Profile tool automatically examines the content of a clip and builds a custom noise profile specifically for it. This is extremely accurate, however it is possible to override this tool and use semi-automatic or manual noise analysis methods if preferred.
  • Generic Noise Profiles
    Neat Video can also create generic noise profiles in a situation where the video clip contains no frames and areas suitable for analysis by Auto Profile.
  • Profile Check and Tuning
    Building and using accurate profiles is the most important step to ensure quality noise reduction. The Profile Check and Tuning tools help to visually verify the accuracy of the profile and, if necessary, quickly adjust it to the current video.

Instant Visual Feedback

  • Immediate Preview
    Neat Video offers a built-in preview that allows you to view results and adjust the filter settings to optimize performance before applying.
  • Playback
    Neat Video has a playback feature that delivers a live view of the final video directly in the plug-in window.
  • Multiple Preview Modes
    You can manually select an area of interest for preview as well as evaluate filtration results separately for each channel and frequency component.
  • Filter Settings Check
    Several Filter Settings Checks help to further tune the filter settings using specialized preview modes. This speeds up the filter-tuning process and helps to achieve better final results.

Comprehensive Host Integration

  • High-Bitdepth Rendering
    Neat Video takes advantage of the full power of modern video processing applications, offering high-bitdepth rendering in programs that support it. These applications include After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Motion, Vegas Pro, Media Composer, Resolve and OpenFX hosts.
  • Supported by Most Video Editing Platforms
    Neat Video works with most of the current video editing applications in use by both professional and consumer video editors.Neat Video plug-ins work as regular video filters. They can apply noise reduction and sharpening exactly where it is required: in a chosen layer of an After Effects composition, in a specific clip of a Premiere sequence, in a particular track in Vegas, etc.Click here to explore the full list of compatible software and system requirements.
  • Supports All Frame Sizes
    Neat Video Pro and Studio Editions support any frame size without limit including Full HD, 4K, 8K, etc.
    The Home Edition supports up to 1920×1080 pixels (DVD, HDV 720p, Full HD).
    The Demo Edition supports up to 1280×720 pixels (VCD, SD, DVD, HDV 720p) with a watermark added.

Excellent Hardware Optimization

  • GPU Acceleration
    Got a powerful graphics card? Neat Video enables GPU acceleration to speed up processing and cut down on render times. Neat Video supports most CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPUs and a large number of AMD video cards via OpenCL and Metal.
  • Multi-Core, Multi-CPU and Multi-GPU Hardware Functionality
    Neat Video is engineered to make the best use of the available hardware present in your system. It is optimized for use on multi-core, multi-CPU and multi-GPU systems. In addition, Neat Video Pro and Studio support the use of multiple graphics cards and multiple CPU cores simultaneously to deliver the best filtration speed possible.
  • Works with All Video File Formats
    Neat Video is able to process any video format that is supported by your editing application including AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV and many more. In other words, if your editing platform is able to open a video file, then Neat Video will be able to apply noise reduction to that clip.

Download the Demo!

Ready to try out Neat Video and explore these incredible features for free?
Download the demo plug-in now.

Why Neat Video?

  • Neat Video efficiently reduces many noise types typical for digital video cameras, camcorders, TV-tuners, film or analog video digitizers:
    • digital noise produced by digital sensors of most modern video capturing devices
    • grain visible in digitized film or analog video
    • dust and scratches in digitized film
    • electric interference in analog video
    • compression artifacts
    • color banding
  • Neat Video incorporates the most advanced noise reduction algorithms in the industry
  • Neat Video builds and uses device noise profiles to make noise reduction custom-tailored to video capturing device
  • The rich functionality and high performance of Neat Video enables both beginners and experienced users to achieve great results easily and quickly
  • Neat Video plugins work as a noise reduction filter for many of today’s host applications: After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, AVX- and OFX-compatible hosts, and more
  • Neat Video is highly automated
    • Adaptive filtration: Neat Video can automatically adjust its filters to changing noise in different parts of video clip
    • Neat Video can build noise profiles either automatically or with your assistance
    • You can rely on default filter settings or manually adjust the filters
    • You can easily save built noise profiles and adjusted filter settings
  • Neat Video provides exactly the amount of control required
    • Standard mode offers a simplified control set that is very easy to use for new users
    • Advanced mode gives power users the most complete control set to tweak virtually all filter settings
  • Neat Video helps to adjust filter setting with efficient visual feedback
    • Preview immediately shows how the filtration result will look like and lets you visually compare it with the original frame
    • Channel and frequency viewer modes help to identify noisy video components that require special attention by adjusting the filter settings corresponding to these components
    • Variant Selector helps to visually compare the filtration results obtained with several variants of filter settings and select the best variant
  • Neat Video is efficient
    • Neat Video is optimized to use all available CPUs and CPU cores to speed up rendering
    • Rendering speed may be higher if CUDA acceleration (on NVIDIA GPUs) or OpenCL acceleration (on supported AMD/ATI GPUs) is available (list of supported GPUs)
  • Neat Video supports the industry standard video data types and file formats
    • standard-bitdepth (8-bit per channel; 24-bit RGB) rendering is supported by all versions of Neat Video
    • high-bitdepth (16-bit and 32-bit) rendering is supported in After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Motion, Vegas Pro, AVX and OpenFX hosts
    • Any video file format supported by the plug-in host can be processed with the Neat Video plug-in
    • Frame sizes supported:
      • up to 1280×720 pixels (VCD, SD, DVD) in Demo edition (watermark added)
      • up to 1920×1080 pixels (DVD, HDV 720p, Full HD) in Home edition
      • up to 1920×1080 and higher; (Full HD, 2K, 4K, 5K, 6K, 8K and more) in Pro edition
  • The Most Cost-Effective Solution
    • Neat Video is not only the highest-quality noise reduction solution, it is the most cost-effective too
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ABSoft Neat Video 5 - noise reduction for digital video (EDIUS)

ABSoft Neat Video 5 - noise reduction for digital video (EDIUS) - Pro Edition

Original price was: ₹12,999.00.Current price is: ₹9,199.00.

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    ABSoft Neat Video 5 - noise reduction for digital video (EDIUS)

    ABSoft Neat Video 5 - noise reduction for digital video (EDIUS) - Pro Edition

    Original price was: ₹12,999.00.Current price is: ₹9,199.00.

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