NewBlueFX TotalFX 7 Perpetual License

Brand: NewBlue
  • 6 x NewBlueFX Ultimate Suites
  • 1500 Presets in 177 Effects
  • Upgrade from Titler Pro 5 to 7
  • Compatible with Mac & Windows
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The downloadable NewBlueFX TotalFX 7 Perpetual License combines new versions of six NewBlueFX Ultimate suites, which together feature over 125 plug-ins and 1400+ presets. TotalFX 7gives you the tools to create titles, transitions, and effects for your videos as well as enhance, adjust, analyze, and correct video footage. The package includes Titler Pro 7 Ultimate, Essentials 5 Ultimate, Filters 5 Ultimate, Stylizers 5 Ultimate, Transitions 5 Ultimate, and Elements 3 Ultimate suites.

Some of these suites are designed to be used as plug-ins while others standalone or as plug-ins within compatible editing software. These include Mac/Windows versions of After Effects CC, Premiere CC, Media Composer and Symphony 6+, EDIUS 7-9, VEGAS Pro 10+, VEGAS Movie Studio, and MAGIX Video Pro X.

Titler Pro 7 Ultimate allows you to create advanced 2D and 3D text and graphics. Essentials 5 Ultimate offers tools such as Stabilization and Touch Up for fixing common video issues. Filters 5 Ultimate provides distinctive looks, color correction, and related features for changing the tone, mood, and aesthetic of your videos. Stylizers 5 Ultimate gives you the effects to create unique looks and styles such as the art-inspired Pastel Sketch. Transitions 5 Ultimate offers 3D, light, color, and motion transitions for all types of projects. Elements 5 Ultimate helps you create and transform scenes through simplified multi-step compositing tasks, such as combining visual elements from multiple shots into a single image. This license is for a single user on a single computer but you can sign out of your NewBlue application manager on one device and in again on another.


Future upgrades not included.

New Features

  • Re-tooled NTX engine with faster performance and improved flexibility
  • Faster, lighter compression stores titles while using less memory and simultaneously improving image quality and offering real-time playback
  • Improved timeline flexibility with animations following your trim points, producing multiple title durations from one design
  • Simplified, time-saving multi-title management
  • Smooth rolling credits with simpler controls and elimination of flickering text edges
  • Object following adjusts scale and position based on changes to your lead layer
  • Style breaks within a text can be remembered for automatic application to other titles
  • Looping features include selectable delays between loops and specific start and end points
  • 500+ fresh designs including dozens of new collections
  • Integrated graphics across Titler Live and Titler Pro for seamless transitions between environments

All Features

Compatible Host Applications

  • Adobe Premiere CC*
  • NewBlueFX Titler Pro 2+
  • Avid Media Composer & Symphony 6+
  • Grass Valley EDIUS 7, 8, and 9
  • MAGIX VEGAS Pro 10+, VEGAS Movie Studio


May require update to latest version


  • 100% GPU-accelerated
  • 2D and 3D vector text
  • Drag-and-drop animations
  • Multi-title workflow (Quick Edit)
  • NLE background video playback
  • Paragraph multi-select
  • Title project management in library
  • Custom saving to library
  • Title caching for better performance
  • Multiple interface skins
  • Preview and render quality options
  • Intel HD graphics support
  • Transform and text-editing modes
  • Range selection with lasso
  • Flexible interface panels
  • Multi-title management
  • Still mode
  • Zoom workspace
  • Undo history menu
  • Timeline zoom around playhead
  • Snap trims to playhead
  • Paragraph nudge shortcut
  • Drag-and-drop variable management


  • Smooth, easy rolling credits
  • Object following
  • Style breaks
  • Loopable assets
  • Simple shapes
  • XYZ rotation in 3D space
  • Style presets
  • Add effects to style layers
  • Custom 3D bevels
  • Multiple light sources
  • Wide-angle camera lens control
  • Normal-map-textured materials
  • Depth-of-field control
  • Blending modes
  • Additive blend mode
  • Object locking
  • Bounding box object masking
  • Video trimmer
  • Color and gradient variables
  • Bevel preset thumbnails


  • Transitions effects
  • Manual keyframing of paragraphs, effects, and transitions
  • Light keyframing
  • Text-to-text transitions
  • Elastic duration management
  • Multi-revolution counts on keyframes
  • Fluid motion transitions and effects
  • Kinetic motion transitions and effects
  • Cinema collection of title templates
  • All effects and transition included in Title Designer


  • Rulers and adjustable guidelines
  • Safe margin options
  • Marking grid
  • Snapping to grid or guideline
  • Alignment menu
  • Grouping
  • Text fit modes (wrap and scale)
  • Arrange layers menu
  • Move objects arrow shortcuts
  • Kerning control with Alt plus Arrow keys
  • All caps and small caps controls
  • Cut text to box fit mode
  • Full justify text option


  • Import video (.mp4, .mpeg, .mov, .avi)
  • Import image (.jpg, .png)
  • Vector import (.eps)
  • Video and still file export with alpha (.mov, .png)
  • Import/export project with assets
  • PSD import
  • OpenFX support
  • Save to library
  • Remember last saved and open locations
  • After Effects import
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NewBlueFX TotalFX 7 Perpetual License

NewBlueFX TotalFX 7 Perpetual License

Original price was: ₹59,999.00.Current price is: ₹55,999.00.

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    NewBlueFX TotalFX 7 Perpetual License

    NewBlueFX TotalFX 7 Perpetual License

    Original price was: ₹59,999.00.Current price is: ₹55,999.00.

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